That still works. It's now a yellow box on the right hand side of the page.

Glad you like the site. It's a lot of fun.

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I see its now in the advanced search, would be cool to have that green/yellow box on the fromnt page!! just so it goes to the specific deals for each merchant

If you click on deals or vouchers in the second navigation bar then it's still there on the right.


How do I find all unrated deals? Anybody know?

Is it just me or does the search not work?

If I search for “Notebooks” for example, the results are not in date order…the first few are from 2007 then a few from 2006 then back to 2007 etc…I can’t find nowt .....

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ok i see it thanks duckmagic

new search sucks....keep getting stuff from a year ago at the top...must be doing something wrong, not very user-friendly

don't seem to be able to search ALL words, get a hit for every word in the search terms


How do I find all unrated deals? Anybody know?

Yes. I do. You can click on "deals" in the second navigation bar at the top and then in the BIG navidation bar you can click on "New" to see the deals posted most lately (like the old "view all unrated deals" link), or "discussed" to view the deals which have had the latest comments (like the old Hot Deals forum).

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