Do you mean the merchant filter in the yellow box?

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Yes. My custom tab has these selected:
Forums: Deals
Available Online - ticked
Available Offline - ticked
View Active - ticked
View Expired - ticked

Whilst in my Custom tab:
If I try and Filter By Merchant, say for example I choose Play.com, it doesn't return me deals by Play.com only.
If I type "ipod" in the Search box (next to the tabs buttons) I get reults from all the forums and not the forums that I have selected in my custom settings. (ie Deals forums only)

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Is this on the bugs-to-fix list?
It's annoying to have to click on the HOT tab for the search function to work


This is a known 'feature' apparently!

The search facility on this site is just plain diabolical

AND does not work!
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