I think it's an IE thing as it is working ok for me in Firefox. What you could do is to do a right click and select "Open in new window" on each link, that way you don't lose the list.

I'd recommend downloading Firefox though Great browser and you can do things like tabbed browsing.

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ahhhh firefox....
I used it before and I seemed to have quidco tracking problems, so i reverted back to IE. I'll have to live with it.
But that would be the best option - to open links in new windows....

Also you can just hit the refresh icon at the top of IE, it's re-submit the search info.


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i'm so stupid, I never thought of that Rayman!
I'm a thicko.

You're not thick, you just needed to refresh your memory :roll:

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ahhh....rayman made a funny.....

He always has a go. Get used to it! :P
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