thread i deleted a comment in still shows in active pane on right


We're already aware of this and it'll be fixed shortly.

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We're already aware of this and it'll be fixed shortly.

Thanks JB, seems it's sorta been fixed today. Wow, is that the definition of shortly?

That must be some big queue that HD has to work on.

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You had black hair the first time I met you last year.

I appreciate that when a member opts to delete a comment, they may do it intentionally (then change their mind), or may delete accidentally (as there is not a prompt to confirm the action due to the "site design" as discussed previously), so a "Contact" request to the site staff could reinstate such a comment.

Is this the reason why comments are not hard deleted, or is it because of restrictions (with the performance) of the database design?

PS. When all my comments were deleted accidentally, & later reinstated, all of my previously intentionally deleted comments were reinstated from the entire duration of my membership. I had to revisit each [& every] thread to locate the comments I wished to be removed & re-delete them).


A different approach (to the "fix" made today) may be to have a regular (say, monthly) "housekeeping" process that physically deletes all the soft deleted comments (those flagged as "deleted", but not actually removed from the site database). Alternatively, delete comments that were soft deleted more than a week, or more than a month ago.

Would this improve the site (indexing), HD?

Of course, there will be times when a deleted comment could be reinstated up to 31 days later, & others that may not be able to be reinstated at all (due to unfortunate timing of the "housekeeping"), but that is just the luck of the draw.

I can say that it would not effect the site indexing in any measurable way.

As for the removal of comments at a fixed period, we'll consider discussing the implications.
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