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I agree, i've been searching for wii deals, and it's really difficult.

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ok then. thanks for that

I change my complaint to 'the forum search function is either sh*t or broken'. I search PSP* or *PSP* and I get topics like 'ben hur dvd 8.99' and 'lawnmower £44.50' etc - all of which have absolutely no mention of psp in the topics or headings at all???

what gives??

Probably because *psp* would bring up a word which contains PSP.

Try alternative search terms. For PSP try Sony and for the Wii try Nintendo.

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tried that. then I get every topic with sony in *rollseyes* and also it seems nobody bothers to type sony in when they do a psp topic cheers anyways.

And I thought you would say that (about psp) but I did a find text and there wasnt even the letters psp together at ALL on some of these pages it returned to me. (the ben hur dvd for instance). (that was using psp* for the initial search).

is there no advanced search functions? like sony +psp?? I tried sony +psp "sony psp" etc..

There's only two pages of entries if you type *PSP* and limit the search to the hot deals forum. ;-)


Thing is I don't think we can really fix any problems in the search function, as it's coded by the people who make the forum software rather then the Admin of our site.

The * function is a poor solution at best. The forum software seems to have a very dodgy method of deciding what to search for in the misspell department.

As the OP mentions it finds things 'close to' what you're searching for, which frankly could be anything.

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ok. lol if I click your link it says

Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms.

Anyways, just annoying, if nothing can be done then nothing can be done.

Much better than some website searches I've seen, lol.

i was just going to suggest it.... just a request lol not saying its rubbish. if i ask for it to search titles only it doesnt improve it either.

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