I hate the search function. always comes up with loads of irrelevant stuff.

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any comments from admin/mods?

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i've just read all those posts, and 90% of the comments in them are about the mimimum length of a search should be reduced.

i'm guessing it hasn't been done (even though everyone seems to agree that isn't a mod that a 2 word limit is better and should be done)

anyway, it's completley different to what i'm talking about, which is if you ask it to only search the titles, it completely ignores your request and does the same search it usually does, which is the whole body as well as the title...

It does do that Reaps and I don't know why.

As for indexing 2 letter words we are not going to switch to that for the reasons outlined in the other post. The amount of indexing necessary is ridiculous and we would have a severe performance hit. Searches are already bad enough for performance. I think using the * wildcard people can search as much as they need to except for very rare cases. It's not any different in Google for example.

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i'm not asking for the two word thing to be done, it was emma who brought that into the conversation by quoting threads that were talking about that problem

all i wanted is for that drop down that says whether to search in post titles only, or the whole post message body as well to actually do what you choose!

Was going to create another post about the search function but looks like I dont have to.

tbh I've always found the search facility on this site to be extremely poor unfortunately.

Like you reaps ive done a few searches of titles only and sorted on relevency and its giving back false results. For instance say I was looking for all posts which contain 'xbox' in the title this is what im getting...


Its not until the 12th record that and title contains my keyword.

Obviously there is a fault in the search code.

Emma do you know if there is any plans to try and fix the search functionality as I think it would make the site alot more easier to use.

I don't know anything about the code side of this, that's Admin's domain. Maybe he can comment further if anything can be done. I agree it's not the best, but I'm so well used to finding what I want now

I guess I did but found it accidentilly. I was searching for 'LCD TV' and it gave me this instead.


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rofl, that's classic
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