Hi powerful_rogue, the general search works by relevance. We've had quite a few members complain about this though so we will probably put in some tabs to give options on sorting.

Right now if you want to sort by post date you can do an Advanced search which gives you several options for sorting.

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Thanks Admin.

I can understand why it would be useful to have them sorted by relevance, however a thread 3 months old thats likely to have expired is not going to be as relevant as a deal submitted 2 hours ago thats still going to be active.


Just to add to this topic the search does not work correctly.
I have tried the advanced search option & it still doesn't bring up the posts in the most recent date order!
Having to go into the advanced section is a right clart on anyway....you should just be able to put the word you want to search for in the search box like you could on the old forum....I thought the idea of the change was to make things better!

Also half of the search box is behind the custom tab on some of the forum pages.

I just want to search and display the most commented first

For example: LCD - how can you possible search by relevance on that. Just make the Views, Comments and Title links to sort them by

It's simple really, it's a deals forum, deals natually expire and somtimes they are not filtered out. So you end up with posts from twos years ago with no real way to filter by last comment (other than going to advanced).

Perhaps you could include a sorting option on the search results page (much like seen on ebay?).
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