I think the searchfield should include 3 letter words (if it is possible)

I've found it particularly annoying when looking for mobile phones, trying to search for a nokia n73, n80 etc. And then having to trawl through every page with the mention of nokia.

I think the subcategory for games and consoles is also a good idea. As that's what I mainly look for.

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ep... Another prime example.

I'm sure there are more. Perhaps if we can think up enough, it will prove the point that someting - beit 3 character keywords or more catagories - would be a usefull improvement!

if you search *ps2* you should get more results.

Please see the link in my signature for a help thread on how to search effectively.

The search obviously doesn't work here, people shouldn't need to read a 'tutorial' first for such a basic function. Can't it just be...made better?

Just try being more specific with your search, With the shear volume of posters on this site it wouldn't be a viable option (and it isn't). If you just searched for "PS2" you'd get info for games, consoles and all sorts of completely irrelevant posts where someone has mentioned something about a ps2!

If you search for "ps2 games" or "ps2 console" or "ps2 problems" etc.

It should narrow it down a bit.

You have to use the word AND if you have more than one word... that gets a lot of people confused :?
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