I think you can set that in your User CP?

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wow, u learn something new every day...achem or night !

where in "user Cp" do you change it ?

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its ok, found it

It's a lot easier using 50 posts showing for each page.

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Yeh Ray, thats what im going to set mine on....saves all those mundane clicks

as if i didnt have enough to do !! :giggle: :giggle:

Didn't know that either - nice suggestion Saxo - and thanks for the response admin :thumbsup:

I have always had mine set to 50 replies per page, much better.

Cool, I didn't know about that. Very useful

hello tesco man thanks for you last response one more question where have all the tesco shopping points gone i.e wine grocery and ditect hav'ent found any for ages thank teresa
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