Hi colinsunderland
You're jumping to conclusions I'm afraid. A number of comments have been mod deleted from that thread.
If a company representative posts within a member posted thread some information/facts then that is fine (in a nutshell) ie sticking to the facts about the product in question. If they use the thread to post comments to promote their own company/other products etc then that isn't allowed.
Multiple IDs are not allowed either

Original Poster Banned

well i was just going from his comments that he was banned for self promotion - no one had said any different and reading the thread it looks like all he is doing is answering questions. If you deleted posts fair enough if they were self promotion but if you read the thread theres certainly nothing there now other companies aren't allowed to do - hence my asking.

I would hardly call it jumping to conclusions though - the thread is there for all too see and others have commented on how he wasn't self promoting.
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