you can view their profile & see active deals.

though i have to say i work for morrisons & post alot of their deals! however i only post it if i feel its a good deal. there are alot of rubbish deals that i just dont bother with

If you look at the individual Merchant's "Reviews" page you can also see who has posted the most deals for that Merchant:

[ hotukdeals.com/mer…ews ]
"...Top Very Poster: edi..."

Using the "Advanced Search" you can list all the deals for a specific Merchant, but unfortunately you cannot sort by Member, or restrict the list to those deals posted by a particular Member.

Perhaps the Moderators have (or Admin has) more tools, or more comprehensive search criteria, available as I expect such activity is monitored.

Reporting a deal that you think is self-promoting for commercial gain is still available to you in any respect.



or maybe someone only every post £1 shop deals bacause they only shop there, or tesco because thats there main shop! a deal is a deal, whether self promoting or not by posting it they arent forcing us all to buy it!
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