yes I have sold bulk before as if you have loads to sell its stupid sending 257 items on their own.

You can sell them in bulk no problem. I doubt you would get anyone buying them though.

I would split them into bundles if I were you, as you have more chance.
If you decide to sell a single CD due to a request, you will then need to price them all individually, so beware.

I would seperate them into genres....then sell a few 'bulks' instead of one job lot....good luck though and remember you will need to leave 7 days to list them from this one been closed...

MOD edit :
Just to confirm you will need to report http://www.hotukdeals.com/forums/images/custom_buttons/report.gif this thread to be closed & then wait 7 days before relisting in FS/T OP, as the thread still is promoting the potential sale , thanks
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