I'd love to share this with you... we've just passed 3,000 users!!

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Yup it's a nice number

There's actually quite a bit more than 3000, I think somewhere around 3500 but the counter only displays members who have activated their accounts and then visited the forum (most forum counters show the gross amount of people who have started the sign up process).

Since when server outage is regarded as "Hot Deal"? http://netlab.e2k.ru/forum/html/emoticons/newest/wink.gif

Anyway, congratulations to HUKD team for passing 3K mark This is quite an achievement! http://netlab.e2k.ru/forum/html/emoticons/newest/drinks_cheers.gif

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As an excuse I'd have to say that these notification posts are automatically generated when the article goes up on the front page...

Thanks for the http://netlab.e2k.ru/forum/html/emoticons/newest/drinks_cheers.gif

LOL. I think it was a nice little notice.
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