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By about 23 minutes by the looks of it.

You need to go to your profile Here to select the correct time setting I think.

Actually you're right, I didn't see it was by minutes :roll:

20 minutes behind I make it

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Good... i started to think it was me. Admin change the time please :-)

I mentioned this to Admin when we changed over to the new server.


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Im starting to think the time cant be changed...

Very likely, lol.

isnt it just under the main mangement bit of the PHPbb control ?

**general admin on the left> then configuation ?

change the time to GMT, dunno mite be wrong but this is how i done mine

I think it's the clock setting on the server itself which is wrong.

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I agree, as its only 20 minutes out it can’t be to do with Time Zones. Must be on the serve its self of which I can’t imagine the Admin has access to.

We're on a dedicated server gary_rip so I do have access to it. Of course that presumes I know what I'm doing I'll have my server expert take a look at it

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lol, "server expert" that’s gotta be a mate :P

you could always give it a try your self - what’s the worst that could happen other than deleting everything and the site being down for a few weeks (I don’t know how I would survive )

Site must be getting a lot of hits if it’s dedicated - good to hear.

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As i read in another post the admin this has now fixed this!
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