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Ignore that - its just corrected. Seems my old eyes are failing:-o :???:

Nope... us Brits are just an hour ahead!! Most servers run on GMT all year around, however in Britain we are no in British Summer Time because we put the clocks forward an hour.

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Duck, totally confused now. When I'm not logged in the time is an hour behind although it is correct once I'm logged in.

Thats why I thought I was seeing things.

As you know I've already had a bad day with technology & now you guys are trying to confuse me even more - lol ;-)

Your user settings are set to the right time, but the server settings are set an hour behind I think.

Yeah... by default the server is set to "GMT" which is 1 hour behind.

In your user settings you will have an option selected to "automatically set daylight savings time". This means that the time will always display correctly for you. If you were to untick that box then it'd be an hour behind. Basically the server's an hour behind, but you're teeling it to add an hour onto it as you log in... if you get all that, lol.

[SIZE=2]ducky is trying to steal your hours so that he can use them to hunt for mobiles[/SIZE]
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