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[ http://www.hotukdeals.com/tag/saved-deals ]

Thanks fanpages That sounds like what I am after! I've never seen this page before. Is it a work in progress (I noticed the title is Saved Deals Deals)?

I can see that the site can browsed by tags, but can't work out how to can save anything to list yet. Are these lists public, or are they saved to your own account?

I suspect it was something HeroDeveloper was working on years ago, but since he has left this project (i.e. the site) now, the implementation was never fully realised:

[ hotukdeals.com/fee…330 ]

You can, of course, also do one/more of the following:

* Subscribe to a thread (but optionally not have new comments e-mailed to you), then view the list of subscriptions in your Profile
* Bookmark (set a "Favorite") for any thread
* Place a comment in each of the threads you wish to follow & use your latest activity summary as the list whilst shopping

The page I directed you to is simply all the threads marked with the same tag.
It looks like a "work in progress" too, because it is.
Any tags I applied to threads over a year ago, have now either been removed, or are a complete mess of redirection to unrelated tags.

The whole site design is influx & it is awful to look at in terms of consistency at present.
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