Thats a 50/50 for me,best to keep an eye on it & not treat as such a deal,even some store staff don't really have any ideas as whats coming or going.

...or put it in the 'Official Wii' thread. I am going to get one to see what all the fuss is about.

Anyone heard any rumours?

i think we should have a rumour section


i think we should have a rumour section

lol :thumbsup:

It could be posted as a tip, but better in the official Wii thread

Original Poster

I agree - posting in the Official Wii thread would be better......

It just gets a bit silly when people post it as a "Hot Deal" with no proof or evidence its going to happen.

Two more rumour threads.

Apparently WHsmiths and Woolworths could, possibly, probably, maybe, should be getting some Wii's in next week.

Grab one now. :thinking:
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