It's happening a lot in IE7 for me. FireFox seems faster.

The hardware should be coping with everything at the moment.

It could be the software which is continuously being worked on, ironing out little problems.

Or it could be your ISP :?

It's ok here, and i have a net TV stream coming in; it's just as fast as normal. For the record, i am using firefox also

It still has its moments of slow action and even been thrown off the site a couple of times lately...guess its down to the ever increasing visitors looking for a bargain.

schizoboy - the speed is fine for me here. currychops - are you getting a 503 error or what happens?

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While I do not want to demean or insult the Admins choices in hosting or peerage for this site
Having a quick traceroute and look at coreix.net seems to indicate it might be badly configured dell machines (large maybe) but more it seems possibly Tiscali routing causing it (reowned for their bad network problems) half guesses and speculation on my half of course.


schizoboy - the speed is fine for me here. currychops - are you getting a … schizoboy - the speed is fine for me here. currychops - are you getting a 503 error or what happens?

I'm not sure as I haven't really taken notice of the error mesage..all I know is that it throws me onto a rectangler box with a "try again" option..and then sometimes when I try again nothing happens so I log back into the site...this usually happens when I am changing pages on the "today's posts" section.

i too have recently installed ie7, and it is definitely slower, is it the new phishing filter thats running? I'm no expert but someone must have the reason.

Yeah I thought it might be that too chappers, but turned it all off and it's still much slower. I might revert back to IE6 and use FireFox more often. I like different aspects of them both. Netscape is pretty good [based on Mozilla, as is FireFox], has options to make it feel like IE or FireFox, if you want to try it out.

I have firefox, but don't tend to use it much, heard a lot of plus points to it, might just give that a go, good old microsoft, not like them to release something quick, then spend the next couple of years de bugging and patching etc.

Hehe I'm sure they wouldn't do that again :roll:

I'm sure the admins here are v.competent, so this may all be old hat to them, but spotted this guide to vBulletin performance tuning.


Certainly fastest on Firefox at the moment, viewing using Safari on OSX is sheer agony - even though the line is actually 4 times faster than my home line (bandwidth is not being used elsewhere).

Edit: My real bug bear at the moment is being unable vote hot without subselecting and opening a new browser window. Same on Mac/PC and various browsers. Any ideas?

Do you have javascript turned off MBeeching?

yeh, me too i have also noticed how slow this site gets at times, when put on a deal takes about 5-10 mins to finish and to open up the site about 30secs, i thought it was my broadband checked the speed its fine checked other sites also fine.

When submitting a deal, it takes ages. I usually browse HUKD in another window at the same time!

yeh me too, lol

i installed ie7 and i think its went faster !! hhmmmm
thats with the new phihing thing on


Do you have javascript turned off MBeeching?

Javascript is enabled...

With javascript enabled you shouldn't load a new page when you click to vote. It should register your vote right there. If it's loading a new page it would be if javascript is not working and it defaults to the backup.

All far too technical for me - have been trying to post a deal for 20 minutes and have given up in sheer frustration. I keep getting an error message - the site has been so slow lately I haven't visited as much.
[SIZE=2]Perhaps the site is a victim of it's own success - hope it gets sorted soon.[/SIZE]

it takes 2 minutes to move between pages now, getting really frustrated !
seems to get slower the more peeps logged on.

left site 4 tea. took nearly 20 mins to reconnect. keep getting error 503 site not found. anybody got any ideas?:x

We're working on some network modifications currently. Apparently a network admin decided to reconfigure an interface, which was... bad. Should be resolved now and the network reconfiguration should be complete in a day or so. Apologies for the inconvenience.

thanks Idcnhadmin for info. at least i now know its not just me ( me being a bit green when it comes to computers ) i can put hammer away now

Ive been unable to get on for about an hour and a half

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Ive been unable to get on for about an hour and a half

Theres witty funny reply to that somewhere....

The site is going mega-fast for me this morning!! I hope it stays like this, it's great!

This is brilliant again - flying along just like old times. Thank you and well done to whoever fixed it, a great job!

Thank you and well done to whoever fixed it, a great job!

We can all give ldcnhadmin a nice pat on the back for that

Yeah Thanks to ldcnhadmin for your hard work putting it right!

This is just brill! Well done to ldcnhadmin :-D

Going along pretty well now ;-)

brilliant job idcnhadmin! site back to it`s old self. if not better.

Site seem to be Super Fast at the moment

Thanks ldcnhadmin http://members.shaw.ca/wenpigsfly/smileys/clap.gif
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