More traffic than usual? WOW. I thought it was a bad summer. Will there be any major disruptions? (Site down for more than 30 minutes). I suppose it doesn't take long to fit memory though, it just clips in.

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Shouldn't be any major disruptions. Just a quick shut down and restart at the data centre I would imagine.

Data center? You've lost me. Do you have your own server or is the site hosted elsewhere?

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The site is hosted remotely at a data centre. It's on a dedicated server but in a data centre.

[color=darkblue]It's in a data centre so it can be taken data day :roll:

I've only just managed to log in, can I suggest traffic lights instead of RAM to cope with the overload? Hehe...[/color]


I keep getting Page Cannot Be Displayed, but that's probably my browser, LOL.
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