Hi This "NEW" in place of the initial temperature has been around for a while (slightly over 6 months). However, it sounds like you're going to a different view and not just "Deals". What is your current viewing preference for landing on HUKD?

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When I load up I get the default "Highlights" but the deals just stay static, where as previously I had seen new deals if I popped onto the site a few times a day. I thought being the Christmas period there would be non stop deals, and that is what made me notice it.

Any way it could go back to how it was?


Yep, that is the relatively new Highlights page. You can either just navigate away from this page by selecting "Deals" or you can change your preferences so that when you click home you'll be taken to a different page.

To do this please go to your profile (top right) then click Profile Settings and then scroll down to where you see Preferences. Then select either Highlights, Hot Deals or All Hot. Click submit and that setting will save.
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