The text when typing is to small, but when the page is refreshed its a decent size?
Could you not maye have allowed an option for members to view the site as before (or as close to how it looked)?

I'm having trouble adapting I'm afraid.
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Iom-RF do you mean in the quick reply box or when submitting a new thread?

travisbickle please can complaints go in the other thread so we can keep this open for purely bugs (i.e. making sure it's not exploding).
In the quick reply box Admin, the text is so small its difficult to even see a comma!
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Ahhh I see yes. My view is on the other type - toggle it in the top right corner. Yes that is a bug!
(windows XP) In Internet Explorer at the bottom of every page is that annoying icon that states 'Done but with errors on page' - I also posted a screencap in the other thread of how it looks to me in Firefox at the moment:

img.photobucket.com/alb…jpg - FF
img.photobucket.com/alb…jpg - IE
I only see about 3 quarters of the width of the page and no horizontal scroll bar. Using latest Firefox, 800x600 monitor res, xp.

Just tried in Internet Explorer and see much more of horizontal space, about 90%, horizontal scroll bar appears.
Deal requests, vouchers and freebies are dead links....
You can expire original posters messages

P.S. I'm slowly getting used to new layout, well done on your hard work
So's the mod couch
I realise how much time and effort has been spent doing the update but I really think it should be binned, the old HUKD was simple and clean cut, this is just overly complicated!
ok basicly I had to edit my last post because it was kinda harsh.

but the site is way to hard to navigate now
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Deal requests, vouchers and freebies are dead links....

What is dead about them?
I loved the old site, it was so straight forward and it looked more professional tbh.

What is dead about them?

They didn't lead to anything, it works now on text only view though.
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Seriously - here's a complaints thread - please take it there or your comments will be removed from here. This is a thread for bugs.

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Bazza can you do a force refresh.
Forced refresh worked after a few attempts mate. Cheers
is being FUGLY a bug?

no padding/margins on the page numbers displayed in the bottom right of a thread.
When you go to vouchers page and put in text in yellow box eg. 'TESCO' it doesn't find the vouchers.
Nothing major, if you go into the deals section, all the deals seem to have been posted "1 years ago". Also the text on quick post is so tiny I can barely see it.
When using large text in the 'message box' you can't cut and paste.
It won't let me submit a deal, says I must be logged in even though I am.
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Fixed the small text. Please let me know if that's not big enough!

Also put a link on right hand box that shows people how to do the classic forum view by clicking text only.

Also changing the css file so that it won't need a force refresh.
When links are put into an opening post they are not live ?
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When you go to vouchers page and put in text in yellow box eg. 'TESCO' it … When you go to vouchers page and put in text in yellow box eg. 'TESCO' it doesn't find the vouchers.

I just tried that and it worked ok? Went to All -> Vouchers and then typed "tesco" in the box. It loaded up the drop down list and I clicked Tesco.com.
There is no option to go to direct the last page of a thread.
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When links are put into an opening post they are not live ?

No - live links or images will have to use bbcode in the comments. The first post is not actually in vb as it is custom.

There is no option to go to direct the last page of a thread.

Noted. Definitely need to get this in.
What a complete mess. Cannot find anything and text overlaying other text all over the place and everything is way too small to read. I wont even mention the colour scheme which is ridiculous. Please reinstate old HUKD! Cannot work with this new one at all and I'm a web designer!
Sometimes it says "x hours away" next to the OP's name. It should be "x hours ago".
:-(:-(:-(:-(Viewing this through the opera browser on wii is really bad now. Text is very small and i now have to scroll side to side to read text.
using firefox on linux
screen res: 800 x 400
there is no horizontal scroll bar and the site overflows to the right, as a result, i cant view more than the first page of threads!

Also, while im here a query:
previously i used to like to look at the "view all deals" or something like that that appeared at the end of teh select page links i.e. 1,2,...10, first, last (view all deals) or something like that

I cant seem to find the equivalent on the new site, there is an all tab, but it includes forum posts in other topics that i really dont want to see

I think i have recreated something similar using the custom tab (deals, vouchers, compeitions selected only, display all and dellete temperature rating?) ... but this requires me to be logged in, and in some situations (work) logging in isnt pratical ... so is there a way of getting the old "view all deals" settings without loggin in?

thanks (and hopefully the firefox bug will be sorted so i can get to a latter page and read the reply :-P)
The views count does not seem to be working correctly. On my post "The New Look" there are 21 posts but only 7 views???
nothing to see here...
Page numbering is bad..
can you please enable page numbering in a more professional way? Currently its showing first and lage page , which would be better, if u could enable in old way.
Also please provide this numbering in large format at top and bottom of page, so that its easy to navigate
Has the option been removed in 'text only' to hover over a thread title and read the first few lines?

I have to click on the title to read threads. When they are mis-titled it is annoying.
I can't start a new thread!! It just asks me to keep sigining in!! Sort yourselves out or you are going to isolate so many people:x
Can the date and time of the last post be changed?

2007-12-12 21:43:16

^^^ This is from the 'For Sale' forum, it is difficult to read.

Also, where is the option to read from the 1st new post(Since you last read a post in a thread)?
I can reply to a thread but I cannot create a new thread. When I try I just get a message that says I have to be registered and logged in.
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