I can access 'My settings' but when I try to change them I am asked to log in again. Once I've done that I am then denied access.
there is no vote hot or code available on any posts??????
whats with all the grey, its bringing me down man.
Using Firefox on a Windows box with user agent switched to IE results in a site that is rendered unreadable

If you are using browser detection to determine how to render the page I would advise against it, in my capacity as a software consultant
When you reply to a post or thread - text size is minisucle - smaller than old type face 1.

Also I am only seeing about three quarters of the page on launch.

Link to site doesnt seem to work. Is URL different?
Windows XP SP2 Firefox

I went in my control panel to check my settings and this came up


Coming into Feedback to report it and it is in here too

To add to my previous comment, the text overlay bug seems to be in every thread I go into
Like most others I think the new site layout is awful, design and colours both stink. here is a screen print of what it looks like for mehttp://i242.photobucket.com/albums/ff302/riker71/hotukdealsawful.jpg
In "text only" version, there's no way of finding out how the posts are sorted (it used to be sorted by "last post"), and also no way of jumping straight to the last page of a particular topic...
To those having Firefox problems, hold down ctrl and hit F5. It's a problem with Firefox, not HUKD.

Also, just a few suggestions that might help the site look and feel slightly better:
1) Clearly mark 'discussion' and 'deals' at the top where it says all, deals, vouchers etc.
2) Add a bit of margin to the links between discussion pages, at the moment it looks like we're on page 678 since there's no gap at all, also is there anyway to view the total number of pages on a thread whilst reading it? Kinda like 1, 2, 3... 8
3) The post box is still icky like it was before, it was by far the weakest part of the site and it's a shame that it's the only thing that's carried on from the old design - Firefox's spell checker doesn't seem to like it either.
4) Little if statement so when you switch to 'text view' you can easily and quickly change back from the same kind of area.
5) Make it easier to differentiate between the original post and the other posts, since it's now visible on each page of the discussion.
6) Small fonts can look nice, but this just looks a little muddled - any chance of making it either very slightly bigger, or adding a slightly larger line-height and letter-spacing?
7) Anyway to view deals in full detail, with pictures and descriptions, but forum topics just as a listing, like before? At the moment changing the view option changes it for both.
Any reason a category is required for creating a thread topic just like this?
9) The 'control panel' etc links at the top have an unusually large font size - how about changing that, and changing the non-linked text to be the same colour as the "deal anarchy for the masses" slogan?

I only see about 3 quarters of the width of the page and no horizontal … I only see about 3 quarters of the width of the page and no horizontal scroll bar. Using latest Firefox, 800x600 monitor res, xp.Just tried in Internet Explorer and see much more of horizontal space, about 90%, horizontal scroll bar appears.

Same here.
Not a major glitch but if you look at the members list the reputation bar is vertical, not horizontal which makes the layout very odd and ugly looking.
The links at the bottom right of the page that link to other pages within the current thread (i.e. the "Pages: First Previous 1 2 3 4" Links), aren't working properly.

Where as normally you can click any where on the number '1' to go to page 1 (for example), on the links at the bottom of the page, you can only click on the actual underline bit, not the number itself, making it very hard to click on the page you want to go to easily.

The same links at the top right of the page work as they should though.

Using Opera on OS X.
this looks better but will take some getting use to i thought i typed the wrong address lol

Page numbers are going crazy


Think you need a "most recent post", last page link, time of most recent post display that is visible without having to click on a topic. At the moment, it's difficult to tell if I'm the last poster on a thread, or if I've received a reply......
Pages: 1 23 Next Last - that looks odd to me!

should be
Pages: 1 2,3
Windows XP SP2 IE7

1. Keep getting logged out

2. Will not allow me into the control panel

3. The number of threads shown at once in a Forum seems set at 25, whereas I used to have it set for 50 (the number of posts in a thread seems to work though)

4. A good point! (if you use IE7) the text in a post is much easier to read as it is twice large as when displayed in Firefox

Windows XP SP2 Firefox

3. This happens in Firefox too, is it set permanently of can it be altered?

4. The text in Firefox is way too small to read and indistinct as it seems to be grey text on a grey background

5. 'Post Quick Reply' is very slow
I'm not getting any new deal alert emails.....
Look at my screen shot Ant
yeh i can see we also posted at the same time so :P
When you click Text Only it always takes you to the main page. Ideally it should load the page you are currently viewing in text only.

Cos if you are on the 5th page of a thread in the forum and decide you want to go to text only, it takes you back to the main page and you have to naviagate all the way back to whatever page you were on before.
Loving the new site, but could we have the jump to the last post button back which was after the name of the last poster, it made life just the little bit easier!
hi, i'm using the 'text only version' to get it close to the old version but its not in date order. i'm guessing this is by design. is there a link that can give me a forum with posts/ threads in date order?
Windows XP/Firefox/iexplorer

Bug 1: Top Banner (green) spans entire width of the window. The rest of the page spans only ~95%.
Bug 2: The text "Control Panel Welcome back, ben_edwards2612Private Messages: Unread 0, Total 14Log Out" looks wrong - too big I think.
Bug 3: Line between the image "hotukdeals" (top left) and the text beginning "Control Panel"

Where is the explanation for this debacle? The site was already under load that it couldn't sustain. So you go and change it without notice to a design which has widely been panned and not sufficiently tested. Why? What was the reasoning behind it? Didn't you realise that this would just invite more traffic?

BTW in IE 7, javascript error - this.controlobj is null - on every page, text far to small in message box, inconsistent text size on interface, layout issues on messages with multiple post replies. etc..etc..etc..

Just change it back for goodness sake.
It's their site, if they want to change it, they can do as they wish! I think it looks great, a few kinks that need working on but nothing major, and its not all that different from the old one, just use it and quit moaning! You don't pay to use it!!!!!!!!!
Not so much a bug but more the choice of template design, using the date format 2007-12-13 could prove a little confusing, especially come 7th June or 6th July. As it's hot UK deals it may be better to display UK date format?

Bug 2: The text "Control Panel Welcome back, ben_edwards2612Private … Bug 2: The text "Control Panel Welcome back, ben_edwards2612Private Messages: Unread 0, Total 14Log Out" looks wrong - too big I think.]

i agree with this is just looks a bit rubbish, i find the font awful, and the black ain't great on the green.

also when writing this the text is really really small, it was okay when using the quick post box, but in this box (which i got to by pressing the quote button) is really small!

page numbers are confusing. dont like the way they look, when they get highlighted and join together
and i think its been mentioned before but speech marks at the end of the quote as well as the beginning would be good.

i quite like the new navigation of the site, im sure once a few things have been sorted its going to be great
When I try to give someone reputation I get a not very nice view because the pop up box seems to be transparent so I cannot read any of the text on it (mangled with the text underneath). I would post a picture but I don't know how. I am using Firefox.
the quote marks only show at start!


the rep problem sofeac mentioned, dont know if this illustrates it well enough

try putting the picture in this time...
Original Poster
Ok some good feedback in here - will be working through it today and release any major fixes as needed but otherwise will roll out a wider update tonight.
minor point but was i allowed to report my own posts in the old site, i cant remember
Running very very slow here, taking 30 secs to load a page.
When I search for posts by a particular user (for example, myself), it used to give me an option to jump straight to the latest post by that user. Now I have to go through all the pages to find where the user last commented...
Can,t find any of the useful stickies that were there before eg help on submitting a deal and how to post images etc
How come when I search for an item, it just brings up loads of threads but doesnt say if they are in deal, voucher or for/wanted very confusing.

Ok some good feedback in here - will be working through it today and … Ok some good feedback in here - will be working through it today and release any major fixes as needed but otherwise will roll out a wider update tonight.

wider update???? WIDER UPDATE?????

Are you kidding ?
You mean theres more to this nightmare?

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