Do you have "Include Expired" switched on?

You should still be able to view expired posts, however if your deal has been spammed, ie if it's a duplicate, you won't be able to view it.


I've just checked & the thread you mentioned is still there > ]http//ho…ted

Click SHOW TOOLS+ displayed on right side of banner that has page numbers listed on it in text only view, then viewing options will be displayed & click INCLUDE EXPIRED ;-)

Original Poster

Thx again for the replies - I now can find the thread I posted the link to, by 'including expired'.

Obviously I still cannot find/see the original 'illegal' post(s) I made which, if I could, I suspect may have stopped me re-posting the item if the replies had contained a reason.

So whilst I now know the correct work around, it is probable that many others don't so the issue of frustrated members may still exist.

Is it possible to send a private msg for 'illegal' post that are deleted and/or make the default option when signing up as 'see expired'.

Thanks for all your time help and replies. :thumbsup:


When you click that show tools button a green FILTER BY MERCHANT box will appear above the page numbers. Type your retailer name in there & a drop down list will appear. Select the one you want & all the posts relating to that retailer will be listed. 5 listings down is the original light bulb thread. Always worth doing a quick check before you post a deal > ]http//ww…241

But the odd thing is, if you click on the ops name and look to see what threads they've started it doesn't appear in the list.


But the post is indeed still there :?
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