you have exclude expired turned on, i wish they would make the default include expired

you can search for any of your posts by clicking on your username, although when you got a lot its a nightmare, but top of board, show tool on the right, then to the left, exclude expired should be showing

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thank you but still can't find it. I clicked on my username and all my other posts are there but not the one I'm looking for. I can't find show tool

Ok I found the show expired but cannot find the post anyway. it's disspeared of the face of the earth lol


when not in a thread, look up by username and underneath a button, show tools/hide tools then look to the left below the tabs and their will be an exclude/include expired button, that need to be showing as exclude expired, you would think that means its already excluding expired but it isnt that mean expired is showing, this keeps defaulting back to excluding expired hence why we keep having these posts


Another way to filter once you've turned expired on is, when you show tools, type slug in the filter by merchant box that appears & select slug & lettuce from the retailer list that appears. Allows you to to see all deals for that merchant in case the one you were looking for was deleted as a duplicate etc. > ]http//ww…287

Just another way to search if you can't find a post or are going to post a deal (once you can view expired)

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Yea I found it. learnt something new today.
That's daft hiding the expired one. just because they are no longer valid doesn't mean we don't want to read the follow ups
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