hehe well can see what we can do...

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lol one of them has a pirates hat on so i dont think it should be a problem, just paste a wee hat over each head and save them lol

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Something like that lol

That's a good idea xmas_appeal

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Haha thanks emma, makes HUKD more xmasie,
I cant believe there still isnt any xmasy logos up yet on the site, cmon folks its xmas, lets get in the spirit hehe :-D :thumbsup:

Good point. Admino, are you going to xmasise the logos etc?? Even just a row of christmas lights along the top would be nice...

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Or like these lol, what do you think ??


Or this:



Nice idea

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Yeh there good Admin, did you Edit them ?

I added it in. you can grab it from advanced or use : santa : without the spaces

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hehe i like that :santa:

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God i was bored !

What HUKD should look like now, didnt have time to finish it but you get the idea .....and before you ask ! thats meant to be snow lying along the banner :giggle:


That looks pretty good
[SIZE=2]It only took you 50 minutes too ;-)[/SIZE]

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Thanks Rayman,
ach the snow along the banner was going to take ages filling in the green shading so i just fired it up so you get the idea lol

It would look pretty cool if it were on those lines tho, at least everyone would see HUKD was joining in the festive cheer !! :santa:

I thought that snow on the top left was a ferret at first glance!!


I thought that snow on the top left was a ferret at first glance!!

:-D me too,i looked at it several times and still could not figure it out,before i got carried away as to what it was luckly i read your post.:santa:
Good work saxo:thumbsup:

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lol @ a ferret dear oh dear ! :roll: :giggle:

:santa: just checking...
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