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while :-( is : - ( and :-D is : - D and ;-) is ; - )

Any reason why some use the dash and others don't? I keep getting them wrong :oops:

Just having a light-hearted Sunday morning moan/rant :-D and was wondering if I'm the only idiot that keeps getting these wrong (without having to go into the advanced editor, obviously).

EDIT: Hehe, I had to split up the post because you're only allowed 5 images per message - learn something new every day!

Universal code built into Vbulletin forums i would imagine. ;-) :thumbsup:

they confuse me as well so I never use them.

They scare me

On 99% of other boards a sad face it would be and a laugh would be :lol but they are confusing here for some reason.

The one that confuses most people is

or 8 and then )

I don't think it's universal code, as I remember admin changed something once and I had to re-learn one or two with or without a dash. I've no idea why they are they way they are.



Is :lol :.


The one that confuses most people is 8)8) or 8 and then )

Its not so much that its confusing, but the number of times I've put something like a quickfind code or something in brackets and it ends up as (45678) is beyond a joke. If it could be changed to 8-) I'd recommend it, but its maybe not possible (or more effort than its worth to work out how).

That smiley has just been edited, it is annoying when posting spec or features on certain items. SO now it should be 8 -) with no spaces 8-)

Brilliant! (12345678)

Just checking, top stuff ray :-D

My previous post looks really daft now though :lol:

Thanks Ray, Should make things a bit easier to read. :thumbsup:

This still works


I get over this by just using

At least when I am on my computer that does not let me do the smiley posts by clicking the smiley or :-) whichever!
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