Thanks for the advice cardking and welcome here

- a Referrers' Board is a possibility...haven't given it any thought yet.

- to change the password go to either [a] Profile (link at the top of the forum) and then Change PostNuke Profile, or [b] click the Account Details link under the Main Menu heading on the left side of the page and then Change Info.

- Sure you can post a thread with links in the Freebie forum, that'd be great.

- Splitting the Hot Deal forum would be a future decision made on traffic. Right now it's easy enough to keep track off but if we get lots of posts I think it might be a good idea (as some people don't care about certain sections). Right now we have a few categories (electronics, apparel, entertainment etc.) for the front page deals and we'll probably add to those (for instance we don't have a mobiles category which we should).

Thanks for the input! If you have more thoughts or comments feel free to post them.

Original Poster

Many thanks - p/w changed and Freebie post done!

and an off topic section for those who can't help it. oh wait, that's the misc section right. sorry. i'll get me coat.

any chance of some better smilies? i swear this guy looks like an elvis impersonator!-----> :lol: go lip!

That quivering lip makes you want to belt him

If you have a smiley pack suggestion post it here and I'll check it out.

Those ssmiles are cool! Yet possible a little over the top.

I like the current ones
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