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any idea how many?

keep typing! lol


You need 10 posts.

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way hay all done! thx guys

Same here. May as well make a few posts.


Why not make ten posts by helping people in Deal Requests


A quick google and you could help someone.


i should have 10 posts....thanks

same here..

one more pointless post towards the 10

and 10

I need 7 more

This is helpful, I was wondering how to unlock pm!

banned guy here and thx for advice


You need 10 posts.

thanks for the advice

thanks for letting me know

spammers spam here

Thanks for this, I didn't know either.



Thanks for this thread, it's certainly cleared it up

Cleared things up, and now for my first post of 10.

Is it just 10 posts?

this is very helpful thanks

Hi new people!

Instead of just saying thanks or helpful, why not tell us a joke instead!

thanks lol

good to know

How long do I need to be a member b4 I can reply to a comment ?


How long do I need to be a member b4 I can reply to a comment ?

Hi Janky, you can reply to a comment as soon a you like... welcome to HUKD.



ahhhhh need 10 posts

ive just sold something and the buyer is saying they tried to pm me and it is not enabled could a mod tell me why because i used to get pm's ive sold before and never had a problem



needed to know

Good to know I'll try to post 10 replies. Thanks

ah this clears this up I was beginning to wonder.

same here thanks

Can a moderator please contact me? - PM me or something? I want to get a deal posted without it being rejected for the not being an official eBay store, when it is. Thanks.
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10 posts you need

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