Hi, Go into ADVANCED SEARCH and choose the option in "sort results by" this is one of the last options on the right before the "forum options"
You can then leave the "keyword search" blank and select "search all forums" and the entire HUKD will be in "date of last post order".
You can then save this as your "custom" setting so you can simply click on "custom" at the top to see the forum in it's "old" order.
Yes PLEASE PLEASE bring the old site back.....
Hope this helps?

Or just click discussed and pray (it helps a bit if you select any other forum than ALL on the toolbar) ;-)

Ps. Give it up LOL.

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Thanks for the replies, but surley i shouldnt have to go to advanced search everytime i come to the forum to see the newest posts? EVERY other forum i go to sorts by time of last post.as for discussed i dont think it works properly because it doesnt seem to list EVERY thread in the deal section, i might be wrong tho, with this site who knows lol

grilll no you don't have to go in advanced search! yikes simon012 you've complicated your life

There's two elements to the navigation - the grey header where you can select topics and forum combinations - and the tabs which sort this navigation.

Hot will show you your forum/topic selection sorted by Hot posts (over temp x), New will show you the newest threads, Discussed will show you the threads with newest comments.

The typical forum ordering is the Discussed tab as this will show you anything "bumped" up with comments as well as any new threads.

So if you want to see everything according to last post have All - All selected in the grey nav bars and then click the discussed tab. If you want to see that divided by forums use the forum links in the header to navigate between forums.

Just tried it .

With All - All selected if I then hit the discussed tab, the 1st post was for 25mins ago, followed by one for 2months ago, followed by one for 2weeks ago. I.e. it looks like they aren't in reverse date/time order.

I think what people (myself included till penny dropped just now) don't realise is that for Show full info option the date time shown is for how long ago the thread was 1st created NOT when it was last updated. E.g. clicking on the one from 2months ago shows the last post was minutes ago.

If you select All - All, discussed and the text only option it shows the last post time.

So for the sake of clarity is there any way of also showing the last update time as well on the full info option ?

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think best way of sorting it all is to go back to how it used to be lol
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