click on 'advanced' next to the search bar matey.

from there you can choose a minimum & maximum temperature, amongst other options.


But there is no option to search by temperature.

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how do you mean?

could you not just put the min and the max temp. as the same?

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As an example, i want to look for Asda Vouchers and sort them by hottest not by newest as it defaults to.

I type "Asda Vouchers" into the voucher box on the right and it defaults to newest as you can see. what wud be best way of sorting by actual temperature?

Alternatively, I want to see "all" filtered by "all", and then sorted by temperature to see what the hottest thing is on this site at the moment - but not sure how to do that?

Sorting by hottest isn't usually a great result as you end up with stuff that is really old and hasn't been expired yet.

Sorry to wake this thread up but this is also my pet peeve with HUKD. I agree that if you sort by hottest, you will end up with a lot of expired deals. However, you can limit the problem by limiting the time window of the search results. So there should be an option in my opinion, to sort by heat.

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Yes i agree. For a website that has so much great content, its a shame that you cannot actually sort by the one defining character that defines how good a deal is (ie temperature).

Surely this filter should be included with the option (a tick box or something) to not include expired deals in the results.

I would have thought that is what most people would search for - ie the hottest unexpired deal for a particular product/shop when they want to buy something in particular or shop somewhere particular and the hottest unexpired deals overall when they want to see if there is something they are missing out on. Sorting by newest seems pretty much irrelevant most of the time.

@Admin: Sorry to blow my own trumpet slightly but I have been managing NPD in companies in various sectors for over 9 years now and if there is one thing which is uniform across all the industries is that telling customers what they "should" do rather than learning from what they want to do doesn't work particularly well in any industry.

By the way, I have found a way to get around this problem, which even though is not perfect, comes close enough.
1. Go to advanced search
2. If you know what you are looking for, type in the keyword. Else leave it blank
3. Set the Find posts from. Usually a month or so works well. Anything older and you are flooded by expired deals
4. Sort results by: This is the critical one. Select Number of Views, which is the proxy for heat
5. Select minimum temperature. For me, the magic figure is 300. Anything above that is usually a good deal
6. if you want to narrow it down by category or forums, select the appropriate items. Multiple items can be selected with Ctrl

And that's it

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that sounds like a reasonable method, though obviously a filter by temperature (with ability to deselect expired deals) would make things much easier.

Yeah and what's more, if they add this ability to sort by heat and filter out not expired deals, their database can cache it and won't be hammered by custom queries. So yes, it still makes sense for HUKD to implement this functionality but for the time being, we have a pseudo workaround

Is this function still not available???

doubt it.

this feature was only requested a year ago.

... and nearly a year on again, it still isn't available. I'd certainly add my vote for this feature, especially when browsing the site on a mobile phone's small screen.

All I need is ability to see non-expired hot deals sorted by heat. The workaround proposed by @arbitrabbit will have to do for now.

Odd that this feature still isn't there officially though. googling for hotukdeals sort by heat produces many results with people wanting the same.

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