Hi garbage456
The short answer is that the url used to submit has to be exactly the same for it to show as a dupe.
Example : - if I was to post this amazon.co.uk/Pac…011 as a deal or this amazon.co.uk/Pac…7_7 it wouldn't show as already posted because the "Go To Deal" url is different although it is the same product hotukdeals.com/ite…m-3. Amazon are about the trickiest to spot as they often have tags that aren't needed depending on how the product was found. Say, if I found that going via "Deals of the week" or by just browsing "computers" there would be extra tags, when all I actually need to get to that product is amazon.co.uk/Pac…F9I
So, it's far from foolproof. It can only pick up an exact match. If just one digit is different it can't recognise it as a dupe.
Therefore, I always advanced search now when deal posting. For this one I searched keyword "Packard" ; merchant "Amazon"; forum "Deals" and got =1&advanced_search=Search+Now"]THIS
Again not foolproof; it relies on correct spelling, and my own pet hate, none duplicate merchants being created. If I had a pound for every Asda/Tesco that was created as a new merchant I could buy a small island now.
Anyway, hope that explains your question

garbage456 - a bit more help in ]here too. Thanks.
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