Do you block pop-ups ?

Is HUKD set as your home page on firefox ?

Because I was thinking maybe you clicked the "use current" button to set the home page in the firefox options, and Morissons was open in the background or something?

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I do indeed usually block pop-ups choc,though if I need to allow a specific site I do so,having restricted the number of pop-ups to no more than 5 in about:config.

My home page is the BBC emma,and the funny thing is,I don't remember ever going to morrison's site,especially as it's complicated enough for me trying to negotiate my way around the tesco one,where I do have an online shopping A/C.

I'm gonna make sure I've cleaned out all temporary I'net stuff,including that in IE7,which I only use about once a month,then reboot,and have another bash.

I'll come back & edit this post with a yay or nay once I've done so.

Edit: Eee bah gum lads & lasses,looks like it's sorted.For some strange reason I had temp I'net files dotted around my HDD in 5 or 6 different places,which again is odd,as I'm the only user on this PC.

Maybe I have an errant FF profile from a previous installation,which I'll back up & place somewhere it can't do any harm,then delete the original.

Thanks for your attention folks :thumbsup:

Good luck!


If you are getting a popup saying "Morrisons Login" as the 'realm' or secured area name, it doesn't have to be the supermarket - you can call a realm anything you like.

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It was a login for morrisons.co.uk,so I just assumed (a dangerous thing indeed) it was for the supermarket,but I can't actually reproduce the behaviour now.
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