Possibly spammed as a duplicate ? Just looking at Navigo GPS & found two previously posted deals - were they the same link ?


Can't find any recent Navigo wide screen posts though

Which retailer was it ? :thumbsup:

As sigma says, it appears to be a duplicate post.

check ur PM's there might be a reason in there from a mod

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That's really sad because its a different satnav (the widescreen version). Its sad because it got removed, I have no message from mods, there is no trace of it existing and when I post on here nobody even notices its a different satnav. Oh well.

you are not alone apocralypse, it's happened to me before as well. May have just been a random bug.

also you sould turn your pc off

unfortunately.. if you posted a deal that maybe the seller was an amazon seller or was also an ebay seller.. then the deal gets pulled. There are some very very very strict rules about these sellers and though there may be no definite way of identifying them on the site where the deal was posted, they may be linked to one of the above.

Not saying that those are the only deals that get pulled, however, it is something to bear in mind. One lesson that I have learnt is that if you find a good deal, perhaps check the dealers name in sites of ebay and amazon sellers. If it is not know there, then you are pretty much safe. If the seller exists there, then consider your deal pulled. Soz.. does not matter even if its the best deal in the world, those sellers are not allowed here.

or perhaps.. you just had a bug in IE/Firefox and that corrupted something.. lol..

have a nice day all..

I'm closing this as it's an old thread.

"But why was it removed?" I hear you cry! I won't keep you in suspense any longer! It was a ]duplicate.

Case closed.

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