wrong subforum
you posted in the new badge subforum
all bugs etc go straight to recycle bin
i currently have 2 6 month old deals in my recent activity which have had no activity.


Will take a look at this choc, which threads specifically have re-added?

Sorry, there was a glitch in the system that we fixed where it was possible for you to be subscribed to threads but they did not show up in your list. We have fixed that but it might cause you to see old subscribed threads that were essentially phantom subscriptions. We have removed all of those phantom subscriptions though so things should be back to normal for you.

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Cheers Team.....it's all sorted, although I did subscribe to e-mail alerts to this post.......and none came lol X)

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Hmmmm, another issue, 2 threads I've created I can't unsubscribe from. Getting an error message:

An error occurred while removing your thread subscription.


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