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also getting

{ "result":"error", "messages":

when trying to manually subscribe to a thread and selecting NO NOTIFICATION

Fine job this is

Conversely, I am subscribed to 2,923 threads & I have received notification e-mails from just three of these in the last three days (even though manually checking a few at random shows that members have added new comments).

My e-mail notifications started again at 10:02pm yesterday (after being unavailable from 11:43pm on 5 July 2010).

ODB_69: I am presuming you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer (of one version or another) to produce the error message you mentioned above. Have you tried another browser (e.g. Mozilla Firefox)?



...my "Profile" / [settings] tab / "Subscription Options" are set so that "Default thread subscription mode" is "Notification email"; however, I was not automatically subscribed to this thread following my comment above.



I just contributed to another thread & upon submitting my comment I noticed that the link below the opening comment still said "Subscribe" (indicating, I thought, that I needed to click it to subscribe to updates by e-mail).

However, upon clicking this I was presented with the message "You are already subscribed to this thread.".

Assuming the message was correct (& the word "already" was not erroneous), I am guessing the whole automated subscription/e-mail update system is not fully working yet.



Can we at least have a clue to whether this is going to come back anyitime soon / ever!
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