If it's what I am thinking..

I got an email from Microsoft, inviting you to join up at one of their developer sessions. 1000 copies of Windows Vista and Office were up for grabs if you signed up and got the answer right.

Was that it??

Yes it was

Then it's totally legit!?!

Maybe in the wrong section, as it's more of a compo! At least move it to Competitions, rather than deleting!

i think i remember seeing the op was asked to re post in the comp section? maybe they didnt bother?

Exactly ^^^.

We cannot physically move it to comps, it needed to be re-posted. It has not yet been done - but don't worry, as the compa hasn't started yet.

Original Poster

OMG what a bimbo! I completely forgot making this post to find out about how to get 'privileges'

Thanks to everyone for the replies and info!! hugs,:friends: smooches and rep to you all!!!:thumbsup:

p.s. I want a skippy cap too!!

Edit : I'm so smart - I just tried to give myself rep wooohooo!!:giggle:
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