It would only take one, possibly two good deals to win it.

Also, deals that have no chance of being honoured often attract huge temperatures, as do ones that are Pre-notification of sales(Curry's).

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I was thinking more along the lines of a continuous league.

If "xxxxxxx" was in 1st place @ 250 degrees & 12 posts..... and "amibees" was in 4th place @ 200 degrees & 1,000 posts.....obviously "amibees" would be held in higher esteem.


Personally, I think any initiative which makes this place more competitive would be a bad idea. We need people voting impartially on each individual deal but having a league would breed an environment where some people would be likely to vote for posters instead IMO.

Perhaps something similar, like a regular 'Deal of the Month' competition would be good. Members could nominate other members deals then vote on a shortlist (if polls are brought back) and the winner(s) could perhaps win a small prize (amazon voucher)... or perhaps a small box on the right hand side of the page by the statistics...
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