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In the "For Sale / Trade" listings in the thread description would it be possible to split the link for Feedback for the thread creator (seller) so that just the Positive Feedback points can be viewed, as well as individual links for just the Neutral, & just the Negative Feedback as well?

(And/) Or, in a member's profile [feedback] tab, offer a selection of the same criteria? That is, provide the facility to separate the different classifications of Feedback (Positive, Neutral, & Negative) so that just one classification can be seen at once?

If either suggestion is not possible, at the very least please could you consider changing the images used beside the summary of Feedback (or distinguishing the difference between Positive, Neutral, & Negative feedback clearer)?

I am finding it difficult to find an individual member's Neutral & Negative Feedback comments among those that are Positive.

Thank you.



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I'll throw this in the queue. Thanks FP.
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