We're not having a single thread for each and every merchant that gets google checkout, we're combining them all into the google checkout thread. I believe the OP has been pmed

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Thanks for clearing that up emma.:)

svp do google checkout???????

you shouldnt have told me that

Though SVP aren't a participant of the £10 off £30 offer are they?

Didn't think so...

Yeah they accept Google Checkout and have the £10 off £30 offer running now

Shame it wasn't running last week when I ordered my monitor:x


svp do google checkout???????you shouldnt have told me that

lol thats why i posted it

everyone knows about the offer and everyone (still) probably thinks that svp don't do it, as this thread showed, oh well nevermind

when i first heard about it i checked svp and it didnt do it!!!

yeah there was a paragraph on their site explaing why, basically google didn't select them for the pilot...

After it was confirmed in this thread that they do have the offer now, I soon after got an email newsletter stating it too, so it's obviously only just started

I have been making the most of the £10 of £30 at SVP, they sell so much good stuff! I must have made at least 10 orders over the past couple of weeks saving £10 each time - thanks Google!

I am doing a bit of stocking up on ink cartridges, paper, batteries and other consumables. I'm just wondering how many more orders to put in.. I must hurry though as I've been told it ends tomorrow. Hmm, I wonder how many orders I could / should place between now and then! :-)
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