yeah this site is very quidcocentric...i know its better because it stops people posting referal links and such to the other cashback sites also i actually do like quidco but i have often wondered if the other services were offering better rates.

i like the idea anyway...



That site seems pretty good except it doesn't have many cashback sites available for reviews or as a comparison, as there was a few well known sites i know of that's not on there.

Not a bad idea really. Would be good as an .XLS file so you can filter by catagory then by percentage etc. Could also add 'rough' postage charges in its own column as well. But i'm not doing it as i'm to lazy and too big a job:whistling:

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i was unaware of this website, i think it pretty much is my idea thought, shame someone already had it

admin: perhaps you could advertise this website? as part as a sticky talking about cashback sites. (or maybe thats already been done?)

I think admin would agree with me but...

Quidco is the best! Just is a shame they dont have amazon on there :-(


I think admin would agree with me but...Quidco is the best! Just is a … I think admin would agree with me but...Quidco is the best! Just is a shame they dont have amazon on there :-(

Yeah shame wish amazon was on there!


Quick look shows these offer same cashback as quidco but no annual fees.

OK I decided to have a go at the list today. Geesh looks like it's going to be a long while to get it completed there are thousands of shops to enter over all 5

If I choose to carry on how is this looking so far? Am I on the right track?


johnnie - the rates keep changing on all the sites so personally I would say it's not a great idea as it would be impossible to keep on top of all the changes.

Cool cheers for the headsup. LOL would hate to have locked myself in my room for a couple months to compile something that was out of date the moment I finished it :w00t:



As posted earlier, this compares rates across most cashback sites.

I was thinking maybe it would be an idea to add a box to the post a thread page, saying reward site. The original poster could then add if they know of a reward site, and people could edit the post to add others if they wanted to.

It often takes a few posts on a thread before someone mentions quidco or another site, and by then people have already missed out. This would mean that it was posted with the thread and nobody would miss out
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