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    Hi @Scotty_Scotty can we please check, are you using a web browser or the app to view the deal threads? And if you are using a web browser, have you logged in to hotukdelas and checked using another browser or via a different device ?

    If it's only happening on one browser on one device, then it could be caused by something like an ad-blocker or spam guard software or your antivirus software on your local device. Some of the deal links will go through *affiliate tracking, and it might be those links that your local device is blocking.

    Can you please provide further details if the issue is via the web version of the site.

    If it's via the app (android or iOS) could you please navigate to the contact form (three bars top left) and report via that method (as the report will include device and OS info).
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    Hi Sigma, Thanks for you reply.

    I am having this issue on Windows 11 desktop, I have tried Chrome, Brave, Firefox and am currently using Edge. I uninstalled Malwarebytes, disabled Windows Security and all adblockers. When I click on the link it opens a new tab labelled "untitled" This is where it says "your connection to this site is not secure".
    This happens on every link a select on all browsers, I am having no issues with my android phone.