how often do the 1000 clubcard pts off £50 spend come up?

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they come up all the time, plus coupon codes like free delivery or 200 extra points etc

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how often do the 1000 clubcard pts off £50 spend come up?

people also get them in the food club magazine and wine club....etc....etc...etc !!!

exactly what i was thinking a sticky for tesco or asda

perfect idea

MSE piration for the win JAJAJAJA


All of us either shop at Tesco or Asda .

Not true, never go near either of them.. ;-)

I think its a great idea!

Have all the codes in one place, so you dont have to mooch round for the best one!

It will cut down on the amount of £15 off your shopping threads, and saves people having to post the same comments every week in similar threads

Super quick to impliment and be super easy to regulate for the mods too!

I think each supermarket should have its own one though - or it could get very confusing

edit: by the way - nice to see you've implimented the exxpert bar already - lol


I think it's a great idea.

All the codes are already in one place tho'. I don't see how a sticky would make it any difference. Unless admin agreed to creating some minor mods to "police" just those stickies and remove/correct/add additional info to any expired/incorrect/useless codes that were posted.
Now that would be a great improvement. This is not a critiscm of the mods but they have lives (presumably) and their work is cut out with the rest of the stuff they do - it must be a nightmare trying to keep on top of all the codes....

I don't understand why click on "vouchers" or doing a filter on front page for Tesco - Vouchers - Active doesn't do this already? The idea of filters is that you can create a link to any "sub-forum" that you want to create.

And you can sign up to the "Tesco" and "ASDA" feeds in RSS so that you can get their deals only in your RSS reader as they are posted!! Very effective.

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I don't understand why click on "vouchers"

:oops: :oops: :oops: why didnt i think of that !!



:oops: :oops: why didnt i think of that !!:whistling:


was a good idea while it lasted though saxo:giggle:

I actually never use the voucher section any more. The filters on the front page are the best.

For me it helps to know which Tesco code is newest as you cant often use them twice - so I suppose filters would be the best way around that.

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lol was a good idea....

who dont people use the ones on paidtoshop, they are stickied in type and expiry order
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