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It's always important to read the T&C's for vouchers, unfortunately the merchants often do not provide them.

That link wasn't always in the article but I added it in recently. Basically Tesco has started trying to censor these codes off the net and to protect HUKD I added in that link so the T&C's are clear to any user.

I can't recommend things one way or another, other users are welcome to chime in though. You should only use the codes if you are eligible for them. If Tesco decides you are not eligible they are obligated to notify you before charging your card and sending out your order.

Each code can only be used once by each account.

If they dont have everything in stock (usually the case) and your order drops below the value they policy varies by store level it seems (two different areas had two different results).

Still, just order for a snowy day and complain 4 days later when still not rescheduled and get £80 groceries free


I am new to the site (just joined today)....but have been viewing the site for a few weeks now.

First things first....fair play to all those providing links to special offers....there's some really good deals.

I was hoping someone could let me know the score in a bit more detail regarding these Tesco Evouchers.
I have been a regular user of Tesco online and was pleasantly suprised to see the vouchers listed on HUKD.
I have used 2 vouchers now, which were accepted without any problem.
I am still a bit confused about the whether someone is eligable bit. :?

Apologies if I am going over old ground here but can someone please enlighten a new user


Technically you're only eligible if you receive the code personally. As the codes are not specific but general codes and all those kind of emails always automatically end up in my junk/deleted box anyway I figure it's fair enough for me to use them It's more or less at your own risk though, read the T&C's. As a faithful Tesco shopper I think I'm eligible and I doubt they even know if I've been sent them

Some of the codes are found in leaflets, mailshots or magazines [not generally grocery ones though] as well. So if anyone does find them in that way, it would be helpful to know where they originate from.
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