I think that was millarcat There were a few quick not so good posts she managed to remove...

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Nice one millercat
The post was how to defraud a company through Amazon. :shock:

you know what would be great, a kind of voting system at the top of a thread, you click and button, and can only click it once per thread

and if there are say 20 or more clicks from different users (users that have at least 20 posts) then it auto hides the thread for approval/deletion from admin

obviously the numbers could be adjusted, e.g. require less user clicks but only from users with a higher post count

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Good idea but by that time a lot of damage could have been done to the company.
The post in question could have and may still cost this company thousand of dollars.

As there are quite a few active mods on this site, it usually doesn't take us very long to spot a unsuitable post and remove it.

But I think admin might be working on a sort of voting system, similar to the one mentioned above....wait and see!

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How about a 'report' link that alerts Mods that are 'lurking' on HDUK?

Yeah a 'Report' button always works. Been using it on all my sites!

Good work Admin & Mods!!

Thing is, a report button only alerts mods online, and usually if a mod's online then they'll spot it within a couple of minutes anyway.

Thankfully this thing is quite rare on HUKD. We have to thank all of our posters for this.

Putting something exactly like that into the site revamp Reaps. Coming soon to a monitor near you ...

i'm just psychic... or is it psycho...

Isn't it great how two words can get people to read and reply to a thread in a nice sensible way lol

I expect one word could also, but no suggestions required

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