hows the Wii??

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hows the Wii??

Good point (shouldn't complain about lots of games posts now I suppose! ) Arrived and is all wrapped up for the kids! Can't wait to have a go myself! Also picked up a couple of games posted here including Lego Star Wars so I'll be a very happy boy.

Were you the Wii poster? Can't remember...been so many deals lately!

have faith my son, i am here and always will be, the force is never seen but all ways felt but only a few really feel it fully and can use it to their advantage......LOL....think i need some breakfast...!!!!!

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Ahhh....remember you now I do young padawan. A merry christmas you must have and....the force will be with you....always.

Q fanfare.:thumbsup:


I agree, lots of extras for our xmas, all thanks to the members of hukd, thanks to all the members and to the staff that keep the site running, and post the odd deal -lol

merry xmas everyone xxx

I totally agree, like hotyoda I've been a member for just over a year & I LOVE this site, so thanks to all deal posters, members & mods! happy christmas to you all!


I'll add my bit by saying a Big thank you to all those who have posted great offers, the mods for their work and also thanks for all the valuable quick advice that's been freely given. :thumbsup:

That's what makes HUKD a well visited site

Yo Ho Ho Merry Christmas all.

:gift: CHeers

Charlie Brown :santa:

Yes Yes Yes :-D:santa:
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