I would second that, although I do tend to miss out on offers as they appear whilst I'm at work (£~%!) - I do also spend more than I should at times :oops:

Thanks guys :$

I know the problem Dave...there's something addictive about bagging a great deal (and then telling your friends :D). Just always have to watch the pocket book! or hit eBay and sell off some of the old toys.

Great site had some real bargains thanks and happy birthday

Hi everyone, I've only recently descovered this site and it's really great. Thanks everyone at houkdeals, keep up the good work

Fantastic site. Only problem is I'm often not quick enough for the best deals!! hehe. Guess I'll have to keep practising

You've got to have quick mouse fingers and a big pocket book :P

I am new here but im already addicted! Appreciate the effort that goes in to running it!
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