Just posted myself about this! It's a complete mess
"For example: this deal does not even appear in the Smartphone or Phone categories (as far as I can tell)."
Just checked and that is in the Smartphone (now at least) category. Threads do rely on the OP adding products to the correct category (as well as keywords being picked up and auto assigning....which leads me on to...)
Regarding the Paracetamol / Panadol that does look like something that needs addressing and I wil let the Devs know about this.
Culture & Leisure basically replaced the old 'Entertainment' category, so things like Blu-rays, CD's, and other products which went into 'Entertainment' now go into 'Culture & Leisure'
Have you tried using 'Search' to seek out the items you are interested in? It is now a lot better than it used to be. For example. I searched 'Computer Monitor'
37604173-mVODd.jpgI then had the three choices, as shown above (I selected Monitor and correctly got a number of deals) hotukdeals.com/tag…tor
Again, I stress it does rely on the OP posting a deal and adding full information to a thread title and / or assigning it correctly (you'd be surprised just how many TV deals get posted without the OP actually adding the word TV to a thread title and I then have to edit so it assigns correctly).
In short, the deal groupings do help, IMO, and greatly help when using hotukdeals 'Search' function. Not perfect and it is a continual work in progress but it's considerably better than it was in the past.
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This issue should now be resolved, thanks for letting us know
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