The old forum was so simple, why do people have to spoil things.

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Surely the reason for changing something is to make it better and easier to use.
I am not quite sure what the designer was trying to achieve.

It was "spoilt", due to to (i am guessing) the large amount of feedback for this, that and the other, which i am hoping, when i have more time to look will be there.
We all (small c) conservatives who don't like or welcome change? Give it a few days. Most forums, (and before i am flamed, i did say most!) change and evolve their layout, sometimes for good, sometimes not so.

Let's give it a few days surely? Have a look around the site, and i am sure it won't prove that difficult, and if it does, ask where stuff is, where you can find things, and i am sure folks will be only to happy to help, that's if they know

Did come as a shock i'll admit, but we'll see.

(Tongue in cheek, tis about time the update arrived mind :))

Yep agree with the above, this is really confusing and not user friendly. Go back to what you know asap please.

Plus the formatting is ALL over the place, serious web authoring issues here.

plz bring back the old style

i hate it too. also why are the forums mixed in with new posts.

all a bit strange if you ask me.

i used to go straight to the new stuff but now i cant find it except as i said mixed up with forums.

click on custom you get the hot stuff

what a mess and thanks for the warning boys and girls. merry xmas if you can find a good deal now that is !!!

The new format is not as user friendly as the previous setup. It seems the new site have intergrated the deals section and forum together.

The hotdeal crew must think of a easier format tfor people to navigate before it puts off to many people.

With the old setup it was good to see the latest deals and then go to the forum to see people's comments and also browse at previous deals/comments. I'm all for a new changes but make sure it is user friendly, or setup a seperate forum section.

does not work well with firefox voted ice cold

I agree, the old format was so simple to use (even my mum could get on with it!) I don't like new style at all. And the line "deal anarchy for the masses" seems pithy and pointless to me - what does that actually mean?

oh my god, searchrd for hukd this morn, got this and thought, where aqm i?, totally confused me!!!
me dont like!!!


Couldnt agree more. I use hotdeals to look at ther recent deals - cant find any of them now as they are so mixed up with all the forum postings. What a great shame its been fcked up!

the greatest thing about hukd was simplicity, hoppin on on way past pc for a quick nosey, where are the old deals gone? where are yesterdays threads??????? grrrr

OMG I dont like this change business. I thought id gone to a different website at first. What was the reason for the change if you dont mind me asking?

I normally wait a while to get used to something new and then comment. But in this case I can only say I hate this new format. It's very confusing, cumbersome and the glare from all the white background is killing my eyes. I much preferred to select the different forum areas by using a menu on the left rather than forever having to scroll up to the top of the page.
I know someone will have spent ages setting it all up so I don't want to appear ungrateful.I am sure that a drop in visitor numbers and flood of complaints this morning will speak for itself.


Sorry but this is shocking, took me 5 mins to find the forum!

Hate the layout, the graphics look terrible!

No No No , Horrible Interface, Hard on the Eyes, Change a few graphics maybe , horrible to navigate, I usually like change but this is too far! :x

Sorry to have to say this guys but the enduser experience is considerably poorer than with the old format. On a plus point; the overalll appearance does look quite clean/slick. However, this close to Christmas I would have liked to have continued to use my primary retail purchasing tool in the manner to which I, and many others, have become accustomed. Good effort but please can we have old faithful back (at least until the new year perhaps?)

Seasons Greetings to all


Ok i accept a change might have been needed but this is a total mess i cannot find anything.

The navigation is taking ALOT of getting used to and the formmattimg simply doesn't work in FireFox...I mean really doesn't work. This feels pre pre-beta.

If it ain't broken don't fix it, but certainly don't replace it with something thats broken.

I dont like it. Massively over complicated layout. Hard to navigate. Oh dear oh dear.

i must be thick but where are the hot deals section and such, i just want to skim through stuff but don't know where to start, Help please x thanks

Absolutely bloody Useless and Terrible redesign.

Unpleasant to look at, to navigate and to use. I cannot bear it AT all.

Do us all a big Christmas favour and admit your error, and then get rid of it ASAP!

Oh i think i'm in the hot deals bit ... although this is not a deal, are they all rolled into one.

ok, got it, click deals in the second line of the grey box at top then click text only, looks as close to the old style as i can get, ah i can relax now, thanks

The new look is awful, come on guys lets go back to how it was. It is so hard to navaigate....


What a mess this is. Give us back our old Hotukdeals page we dont like this. I like to look at all the unrated deals how do I do it now? Voted mega cold. What a disgrace.

This is a complete mess and it goes against the requirement for building website,
Easy of use= 0
Navigation= 0
Layout= 0
Graphics= 0.

This is total shambles, hang on, has has the babyshambles guy taken over this site?

still cant find the new unrated deals.

I hope hotukdeals have the balls to say they made a mistake and revert back to the old format.

come on guys. please put it back even if its only in the short term while you sort out the issues raised.

I think this is a plot to ruin this site and with the look of things it has worked. non functional site = no deal information = no hot deals.

To get back to the "classic format", at the top of the page, select All, if you want all products, Deals, then, under View Options, "Text Only"

I'm afraid I agree with much of the foregoing.

I used to be able to hover my mouse pointer over a deal link to get the headline details of what the link was about. Now I have to waste time clicking into each deal in order to find out :-(


To get back to the "classic format", at the top of the page, select All, … To get back to the "classic format", at the top of the page, select All, if you want all products, Deals, then, under View Options, "Text Only"

Yes, but still looks nothing like.....

Mods Admins I Hope You Are Taking Note Of What Ppl Are Saying >>>>>>>>yes Im Shouting This Is ****

this is rubbish.
it doesn't even work in firefox!!

Sort it out!

The old layout was far more user friendly than this, a great shame if this is to stay.

Im with the rest , Nasty absolute nasty
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