HI Tomatoboy,

We are working on adding some stuff to the voucher section to make it easier.

I am sorry you are finding it more difficult to find what you want. Is it limited to vouchers or are other areas problematic?

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Hi Admin,

I really appreciate your response, thank you. At the moment, I think it's just the voucher list. Though in all honesty the multiple search and filering tabs may yet prove to be a step too far for me. My neurological system is damaged so that retaining multiple subject paths in any process is difficult. When there was a list in alphabetical order of suppliers it was easy to systematically move down to all of the offers from any given trader in a single pass and see what was available. Now one has to initially try to filter to a single supplier (which I have not yet managed) or to retain information as the results are not in alphabetical/supplier order.

Obviously, I have very specific problems, but I do wonder how many other disabled people were able to make use of the old system because of it's brilliant ease of use but who will struggle now. I suspect by virtue of the problems they have, many will not want or be able to explain their difficulties as well as the able bodied users can and seemingly are doing.

Thanks again. I hope any teething problems you are having with the new system are short lived and don't crate too much extra work for you.

Is it a good thing to be able to choose a merchant from a list to see all of their vouchers? I guess my question is - is it better to select a merchant and only see vouchers for them - or is it better to see a big list?

Finally, someone proves my (so far unanswered) point. This new site is not remotely accessible.

TomatoBoy you have the most power to get this site changed for the better. Anybody else with genuine accessibility issues care to add their views/requests?

Admin, i cant speak for any other "voucher" users obviously, but certainly the way i used it was when i had an idea of what i wanted to buy, i would then go through the list of discount codes for comanies that sold the product i wanted, then choose the best discount code for whatever retailers sold the item (so making the best savings to my pocket).
It now seems that im unable to do that unless i specifically remember the names of every retailer that sells kids pyjamas (as an example)

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Sorry, I was laying down for a while. My apologies admin, I was not very clear.

The ease for me is having one long alphabetical list of all the vendors, just like the old one. I can then look down in order for the specific vendor I want to buy something from and see what, if any, vouchers are available. If I first have to search for/find the vendor, then look through that vendor's vouchers it doubles the amount of threads my brain has to handle and it's not as easy in my predicament. I also used to find the very sparce single page voucher list with the basic details of vendor name, offer and timeline very easy to cope with in my head as it was a single trail of thought for me.

Coming from a slightly different angle, one that probably effects everyone here, it was also good to have the long list of all vendors because the process of seeking out the one required also yielded a cursory glance over all the offers available and thus anything particularly good would stand out. That feature is somewhat lost if one has too seek a particular vendor and then only be presented with that seller's list alone.

I used to search the net on various voucher sites some whaile ago but soon realised most were either too complicated for me or were click-throughs with little benefit, i.e. "No vouchers at the moment, but click here for great deals". We've all seen those sites. In the end, I found myself coming to hotukdeals alone because it was the easiest to use and I knew that if it was not on the big 'voucher list' a deal would not be worth having. That list struck me as being the perfect winning formula, simple and all-encompassing.

Thanks again.

I totally agree with Tomato boy. This used to be my favourite voucher site because of the nice LONG list in alphabetical order.... it no longer is.

Well, you're still here months later and have taken the step to register an account - can't be all bad.

I have to admit I find the new voucher section far better to use, the problem I had with the old one was that I found it very difficult get a voucher that wasn't expired and I just gave up using it entirely. The new system makes it very easy to find recent vouchers that aren't expired with just a couple of clicks, for example if I'm looking for a voucher for the likes of Currys/Comet etc. I just click Vouchers->Electricals and exclude expired and I get a page of relevent vouchers.


That's a good point John... if you're looking for vouchers for a certain type of good then it's fairly easy to sort for vouchers like that.
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