I didn't know they had set up a Forum :shock:
Oh well, best thing to do I think Paul. :thumbsup:

Did i miss something ? lol oh well on with the great deals >>>

Could someone post a link to the new forum please. The thread got closed before I could get the URL.

personally i think onl the 30 odd people who tried to buy one should have access to it

I've been thinking about this overnight, why delete it? Locking it would have achieved the same thing but it would have also left a lot of useful info.

Agreed Dino,

There's a lot of info including email addresses, contacts, complaints procedures & email templates on that thread which would be useful to us who have been involved in this debacle.

Admin, could you please relist? - locked if need be.


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It's not deleted it's just moved to a forum which members can't see. I will check if we can move it back locked.

whats the site url please ?


It's not deleted it's just moved to a forum which members can't see. I … It's not deleted it's just moved to a forum which members can't see. I will check if we can move it back locked.

Flippin eck Paul, there's over 1400 posts and about 100 pages. Are you going to read all of it again ;-)
Or did you mean 'check' with a legal bod :thinking:

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It's moved back locked. I can't guarantee it will stay there so take what you need.

Thank You

Samsung thread is here: ]http//ww…794

For the people who have written their first letter to Dixons and get a reply, or go to court.

The only argument I think Dixons have is that it is obvious that it was a mistake and is therefore invalid.

To counter argument this, I work for a large retail chain who constantly sell goods for as low as 1p to shift discontinued lines. Therefore, it is perfectly believable that the TV could be reduced to that low a price.

Another Quote from the DSG website:


"Maintaining compliance with trading standards requirements plays an important part in delivering high levels of customer service.

The Business Standards Department was formed in December, 2004 in anticipation of the company's regulation by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in respect of the sale of insurance products. The FSA require high standards in areas such as staff knowledge, competence and business integrity and they have detailed reporting requirements which fall within the remit of the department.

The department is also responsible for dealing with the Group's day to day contact with regulators such as Trading Standards, the ASA and the Information Commissioner. As well as responding to enquiries, an integral part of the work involves the Building Bridges programme which is designed to ensure the development of better links with the authorities and improved understanding on both sides.

The department also has a brief to ensure that the company's systems, procedures and training ensure adequate levels of compliance with all relevant regulatory issues. As part of its philosophy it has adopted the company's "Being The Best" policy and integrates those principles into its daily work."

I am so looking forward to using this in court.

so, any progress on getting the site setup?

Just sent customer services asking why my tv hasnt ben delivered tody.Told them i have taken day off work to wait for delivery as it was still showing as delivery instructed for today and no emails have been sent me advising me of a change in delivery date.Dont think these will ever come off-but i intend to give them as much grief over this as posible!

good luck, did you not get any contact from dixons before today??

only a voice mail message-they cant prove that i ever listened to it though.

Anyone else had a letter from Dixons?

I have had nothing,Tv was supposed to be delivered yesterday, but nothing came ,no letter either I did get a phone message to call them back as I was at work when they called.I did not call back and they never tried to contact me again but did refund my £1.

I got a letter from Dixons! Only a copy of the refund transaction though

I had the refund letter this morning.


I had the refund letter this morning.

Me too... :x

Nothing for me.
Are we up for a fight or what?
What is happening with that website?

got the letter plus refund receipts for tv and cover plan

Sorry if I'm asking an obvious question, but is all this about the deal where you got a tv for 1p via a misprinted voucher? If so, from what I've studied so far about contract law, if the retailer actually processed the payment and took the money from your account, then a valid contract exists. Basically, when you see something for sale on a website, they are not actually offering to sell you it at that price - you can offer to buy it at a certain price, and they either accept or decline. All you need is some 'consideration' on either side of the bargain - i.e. 1p for a tv: the 'consideration' (what each side brings to the contract) doesn't need to be sufficient, it simply needs to exist. I would need to do a bit more checking on this (my tutor used to specialise in contract when she worked as a solicitor), but theoretically, you would sue for breach of contract (I think). If any of this is relevant, let me know and I'll research some more. Sometimes consumer direct can be helpful, but occasionally you get some nugget who doesn't know their you-know-what from their elbow, and will only give you the basic position on it. Alternatively, some home insurance policies offer free legal protection that would cover this...good luck!:thumbsup:

Technically everything you are saying there is right and correct as points of law. However, there have been recent cases where an "obvious mistake" voided the contract, and the £1 for a £1000 TV is the "obvious mistake". The dixons rep made 100% sure he used that exact phrase in the phone call...

There are still certain arguments that may stand up (I'm not familiar with recent case history on this I'm afraid):firstly, that despite their 'obvious mistake' Dixons seem to have managed to process rather a lot of payments before realising; secondly, that they have a duty to conduct themselves in a professional manner, and in keeping with their area of expertise - not only did they advertise a tv for sale at 1p, they then went on to process the payments - bit of a booboo if you ask me...:giggle:

It was a massive booboo. They didn't technically advertise it though, it was a discount code error.

I don't think anyone is taking this further though... but it would have been interesting to see if someone had!

Now I am peeved off.
I have just received a letter from TV Licensing saying I 'bought' a TV from DSG and I don't have a TV licence in my name at this address. Flammin cheek.
We do have a TV licence but it's in my O/H's name.
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